Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are behind the biggest brands in the world. FMCG is all about names, the products which everyone recognises from trips to the supermarket or from ads on television. The brands that make up this sector are the high profile ones, the ones everybody knows and loves.This is an industry that puts you in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms across the globe.The FMCG industry changes fast and is constantly evolving. Its fair to say that there is never a dull moment in FMCG. From the pace at which goods leave the shelves to the rate of product innovation and career progression, things move quickly. And it doesnt end there. The brands themselves are changing just as quickly. 40% of brands on the top 100 list twenty years ago have already been replaced by new names today.


In todays world durable goods has grown its roots and nobody can stay away from it. Durables goods are a category of consumer products that do not have to be purchased frequently because they are made to last for an extended period of time (typically more than three years). Since consumer durables usually represent big-ticket items, both consumers and businesses will typically make these purchases only when they are confident they can afford them.During a recession, when consumers have less confidence in the economy, theres an increased risk that demand for durable goods will decrease. This is important to remember when investing in companies that produce durables.

Office Automation

Office automation industry is bringing innovation to your product engineering. Increasing business complexity, cut-throat competition, dynamic global environments and a sharp eye on the cost-performance ratio is resulting in enterprises demanding for faster, smoother and easier technologies to reduce time and cost for processing digital media. This necessitates tremendous improvements in the office equipments like printers, scanners, facsimile, multi-function printers and point-of-sale machines.