Light Industry

A light industry is an economys secondary industry which is characterised by less capital intensive and more labour intensive operations. Products of the light industry tend to target end consumers instead of other business. Examples of light industries include shoes, clothes, and furniture and consumer electronics.

Infrastructure Industry

The infrastructure sector of India has a potential to absorb great economy towards itself . The infrastructure has been into a network of roads, coastlines, airports, railways, telecommunications, electricity, irrigation and construction projects. The Government of India is also providing a lot of incentives for the overall development of infrastructure where as a lot of banks and insurance corporations are providing equity share and loans. This sector is the base where the economic superstructure of the country lies and is a very important segment in a human beings life. Many new projects are coming up and the sector is in great need of man power as a skilled labour is required in the maintenance of the infrastructure sector.

Automobile Industry

The automotive industry in India is one of the larger markets in the world and has been one of the fastest growing globally. The automobile business is gearing up to reach at its peak. With the advent of new vehicles in the market this industry is showcasing a tremendous growth. More and more people are engaging themselves into the buying of motorcycles, scooters, luxurious cars , rickshaws, buses etc. This industry is flourishing day by day.