Culture & Values

IntendMinds company culture is dynamic, fast-paced and incredibly rewarding. As a business, we have four core values that define and guide everything we do. They are also the characteristics shared by our new team members.


As experts across different industry sectors, we have a deep and broad understanding of our markets and the people within them. Everyone at IntendMinds shares their knowledge with clients and candidates across our expanding network.

>> We Offer:
  • A culture of promoting from within, based entirely on individual merit. If you are ambitious, hard-working and can prove yourself as an expert, IntendMinds is the place to move your career forward.
  • A world-class training programme, helping you to develop your knowledge and get your commercial skills and expertise.
>> What We Expect:
  • Commitment. You need to demonstrate a willingness to progress and show us how your specialist recruitment knowledge has developed.
  • Entrepreneurship. Recruitment is a very competitive business, so we need you to apply your professionalism and expert knowledge in innovative ways to help keep IntendMinds ahead.

Passionate about people

Recruitment is essentially a people business and we put the creation of valuable, lasting relationships at the top of our priorities. It is the only way to find the right person for the right job. We want to help people fulfill their potential and be all that they can be. We fundamentally believe that the right move can improve the life and work of everyone concerned.

>> We Offer:
  • A business that genuinely puts the needs of our clients, candidates and staff at the heart of everything we do.
  • A collaborative approach. We believe in our people, so if you have got an amazing idea that could help us grow, we really want to hear it.
  • Professional training geared to your specific needs to help you achieve success fast and drive your career forward.
  • World-class management and leadership development programmes.
>> What We Expect:
  • A genuine desire to help both our candidates and clients fulfill their potential and the understanding that this is what helps all of us achieve the results.
  • The ability to develop relationships which in turn build customer loyalty.
  • The ability to listen to what people are really looking for, so you can match candidates with clients on the basis of skills and culturally too.


Excelling in recruitment is all about being curious about people, and about the worlds in which they work.

>> We Offer:
  • Freedom. Its your career. Explore the opportunities and we will give you all the space and support you need to define and develop it in line with your aspirations.
  • Clear career development and personal development planning, so you can understand your options, decide where you want to be and know how you are going to get there.
  • All the latest technology, systems and tools you need to help you to do your job well and give you the edge over any competitors.
>> What We Expect:
  • Behaviour that drives sales. That means connecting with customers and really understanding their individual needs because its the only way we can do our job well.
  • The ability to ask right questions to help you gain real insight into issues and to listen and challenge any responses.
  • An interest in the world at large which in turn should inform any advice you give to others.


We are a results-oriented business, which means we are incredibly driven. We have energy and dynamism and we are ambitious for clients, candidates and our team. We truly believe that the right kind of recruitment can have a positive impact on everyones lives.

>> We Offer:
  • Rewards - both financial and personal. You will gain a sense of satisfaction from helping other people succeed and by doing so you will also be furthering your own career.
  • Fantastic career progression opportunities for the right people with the right level of commitment.
>> What We Expect:
  • Relentless energy and a dynamic, positive approach.
  • An innate desire and passion to succeed and to deliver real results for IntendMinds and for our customers.